Rockland Residency

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Rockland Residency: Call to Artists

Thank you for your interest in Rockland Residency!  

We are committed to providing opportunity to traditionally marginalized groups in terms of race and sexual orientation.  To do this fairly, our Selection Committee will contain POC and LBGTQIA+ representatives.  Rockland requests friends and organizations within those communities to post our Call to Artists.  Our residency is free to allow greater access.  The application fee is modest and used to pay our Selection Committee of artists for their expertise.  If anyone feels this is an obstacle to applying for our residency, please email us for a waiver request.  During the selection process, we are aware other groups can also be targeted for their age, ability, religion, gender and political beliefs.  We strive to assemble a cohort of varied backgrounds and disciplines of art to stimulate an inspiring, sensitive and lively communal experience.

Please note: This is a residency for adults only over 25 years of age.  No children, spouses or other family will be present on site during the duration of the residency.  Our past residency, "2019 Artists with Children" was a huge success and we understand this need in our arts community.  Unfortunately, we do not intend to return to this program at this time due to its demand for more staff, finances and logistics to host.

Please begin your application by using the "Submit" button or "Guidelines" below.  Dates and details to follow.